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Love Your Skin

Bath and Body Care

We make natural and organic skincare and haircare solutions with the benefits of essential oils and natural cold-pressed oils. We offer 100% natural handmade beauty products with completely safe, natural and toxic-free ingredients. Our entire range of products is free from parabens, sulfates, and harmful chemicals used as preservatives. Each product is handcrafted, fresh and made in small batches that is why no two pieces of the same product are identical. We try to create an impact with everything we make. Our vision is to lay foundation for sustainable and affordable beauty and wellness products. We aim to curate formulations derived from age-old beauty recipes suitable for all and to create something gentle, both on skin and environment.



A product is as good as the ingredient. We use completely safe, natural and toxic-free ingredients in our recipes.

Each beauty product we offer is handmade, making it extraordinary in its specific manner. This is the reason no two pieces of the same product are identical looking.

To help preserve our planet we try to bring sustainability into every decision we make. We have substantially reduced plastic packaging. All our products now come in paper and reusable glass packaging.

Animals are supposed to be loved, not to be tested upon. Our products are 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals.