How We Got Here

Monica Jain (a botanist, nutritionist and a naturopath) is the founder of mom's skin essentials a brand that emerged from her desire to maintain healthy skin without using unwanted harsh chemicals. After knowing  the benefits of natural skincare products she decided to make her own natural beauty products with natural ingredients and even received training from veterans in this field. Initially, she only made products for her own family. Soon the word spread and her family friends and neighbors started using her products. This encouraged her to launch mom's skin essentials to help people get access to handcrafted, harmless, natural skincare products. All the products are free from alcohol, sulfates, and parabens that are harmful & easily absorbed by the skin. A vast variety of homemade and handmade beauty products are made especially for daily needs. 


We aim to present the best natural beauty products made from the finest organic and natural ingredients to enhance the health and beauty of your skin. We believe in full transparency and honesty and wish to keep our customers satisfied with our services. The sole purpose of this store is to show people that living a more sustainable life can be both accessible and affordable. With your help, we will take small steps towards reducing our overall climate impact!