How to get rid of dark eye circles and puffy under eyes

The under-eye bags and puffiness under the eyes are very common as we age. But what are these under-eye bags and dark circles around our eyes? In a simple explanation, whenever there is hyperpigmentation around our eyes compared to facial skin it is called under-eye circles. Both the upper and lower lid becomes dark pigmented. The skin around the eyes is thin compared to the facial skin. People usually used to make fun of the person with these puffy bags and pigmentation around the eyes. Treating under-eye circles isn’t a one-stop-shop fix.

But do you know the reasons for dark eye circles? As we grow in age, the tissues around our eyes and the muscles got weak. Normal fat that supports the eyes move in to lower eyelids, causing the lids to appear puffy.

Identify the Problem First, Then Find the Right Solution

Dark under-eye circles can be caused by a number of environmental, physical, and hereditary causes. These may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Allergies

  2. Thin skin (letting visible veins show through as blue circles; this can get worse with age, as you lose some of the fat and collagen around your eyes)

  3. Inflammation

  4. Toxins within the body

  5. Shadows from under-eye bags

  6. Your genetic makeup (eye structure)

  7. Stress/fatigue (often the result of a lack of sleep)

  8. Sun exposure

  9. Cigarette smoking

  10. Rubbing of the eyes/eye area

  11. Hormonal changes

The genetic reason means that any person in your family having these eye-bags and dark circles then there is a possibility that the younger ones could also develop these features.

Nutritional deficiency is a major reason for this. People not taking adequate diet and sufficient nutrients required for the body is a major reason behind these under-eye bags.

In today's world, inappropriate lifestyle, lack of proper sleep, and inadequate sleeping habits have also become a major factor. The blood circulation around your eyes increases the more you keep awake, you look fatigued, and slowly pigmentation increases around the eyelids.

Excessive use of computers, televisions, mobile phones, and increased screen time, increases the eye strain which affects the muscles and the tissues around the eyes.

Methods that I can suggest you get rid of dark eye circles.

As a naturopath, I suggest all to take sufficient sleep and try changing the improper lifestyle.

Take a rest between each computer hour.

Blink your eyes at short intervals.

As a nutritionist, I suggest you all take an adequate diet full of greenies and pulses.

Washing your eyes with cold water two to three times a day would help because it reduces puffiness around the eyes.

You can keep cold green tea eye bags above the lids to keep them cool. Green tea, cucumber, coffee extract, and many more make a difference.

Massaging with good oils and under-eye creams also keep a check on dark eyes. Moisturizing nourishes the skin. The oils like almond, olive, and those containing vitamin E keep the skin firm and elastic reducing the wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes.

So there is a one-stop solution to all the above problems mom's skin essentials green tea and coffee under eye creams containing all the ingredients required to combat the dark circles. Use it daily before going to bed and note the difference.

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