My Soap Journey - 1

When I first started making soaps a year ago, I was excited about the opportunity to create beautiful bars of coloured soaps with natural botanical ingredients inculcating my knowledge about the plants and their benefits being studied in my Hons. in the college. Each time I made a fresh batch, I felt a bit of an artist given a blank slate that can be coloured the way I wanted. It's such fun creating soaps and trying new recipes. I experimented a lot with different methods, recipes, ingredients for the full one year and shared some of my favourites with my friends, relatives and of course my family. I used botanicals, ground plant powders, dried flower petals, dried ground spices from my kitchen and different aromatic essential oils to give it a heavenly aroma. Throughout my soap journey, I made a lot of sample bars to test the various ratios and blends of oils, different body butter, colours and other ingredients to see how each react with one another. I have a stockpile of test bars that is why my family and friends tend to grab them and use them. In some soaps after some time, the colours faded and diffused in one another as the natural ingredients were used to colour the soaps. But even then the homemade soaps are so beautiful and pure.

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