My Soap Journey-2

The whole journey started when I developed a problem of regular dry skin. I was using for a long time some finest and expensive soaps and body creams of famous brands available in the market. Though it was a little issue, may be experienced by everyone due to environmental pollution and many other reasons, we consulted a dermatologist. The doctor examined me and prescribed some medicinal soaps, shampoo and lotions for me. Those products were very expensive. but we were ok with it looking at the intensity of the problem.

Using those products were making my skin even drier than ever. We were very much confused about what to do. I stopped using all those products but how long one can manage without soap.

One day we were shopping around, a shopkeeper asked us to buy handmade soaps. Until then we were unfamiliar with the concept of handmade soaps and skincare products. He explained about the soap. We bought some and tried using them, for some days we felt like we have found the solution to our problem but the problem didn't escape. Then out of curiosity, I searched a lot over the internet and found what are handmade soaps and their benefits. From then I entered into the world of handmade soaps.

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