Now the question arose from where to buy the good handmade and natural soaps. I searched a lot of different sites and platforms where I could get these soaps. But after searching so much I found that the handcrafted soaps made up of natural ingredients were very expensive. This was another issue that stood in front of me. Then I dropped the idea of buying handmade soaps. Then one day while browsing through I found a video of someone teaching 'how to make natural soaps of your own using natural ingredients'. Then out of curiosity, I saw some previous videos of the same person where he was teaching the method of making the natural soaps free of chemicals. Then I thought of making soaps of my own. Though the process of making handmade soap is very difficult and arduous, even then I decided to do it. The ingredients which he was using were almost unavailable in India because that video was of some foreigner. That was a serious issue in front of me.

I decided to get complete knowledge of soap making with the herbs and ingredients available in our region. I saw a number of videos where I collected some useful information but not the complete one. Then I thought that I should learn the process properly from some experienced teacher. Now the scouting started for a good institute where I could learn this course of soap making. There I found a number of institutes but their course fee was very high. I kept on enquiring different people but I couldn't find the right person. After some days I came to know about a teacher who teaches making hand made soaps. I attended her class and learned the complete process of making handmade soaps. She taught us about the process and in-hand practice was done there itself which built confidence in me. She also taught us about the ingredients and the raw material required to make the soaps. I was very happy after completing my workshop that now I would be able to make natural soaps for me and my family.

From the next day, I started searching for the ingredients required. I couldn't find those ingredients and other raw materials in our nearby local markets. The things I found online were very expensive and out of my budget because of the condition of minimum quantity should be purchased for each article. That would have been of no use for me as I had to make the soaps for my own consumption, not for the commercial market. I asked my teacher about the market where I could get the raw material in a quantity sufficient for me. She insisted me to buy all from her but how long one can rely on one person.

Then one of my friends suggested me to grow different herbs required as additives on my terrace itself and to get other botanicals from our block park where I could find many trees. I collected some of the available herbs and botanicals and started drying them in the sunlight at my roof. Here my knowledge of botanicals helped me studied in my graduation. And mean whilst I also came to know about the market where I could get all the raw material and also at a reasonable price. I sourced the organic oils from the local oil mill near me. Now all the preparations were complete. In my next blog, I will share my experiences of soap making with you all.

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