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Ayurvedic Hair Cleanser

Ayurvedic Hair Cleanser

Your hair requires constant nourishment like your skin. This Scalp mask and cleanser has made its way to your weekly hair care regime. This ayurvedic hair cleanser is a blend of power packed dried ayurvedic herbs that are home-dried and home-milled in a powder form.


Areetha, Amla, Shikakai, Curry leaves, Hibiscus, Bhringraj, Aloe vera, Fenugreek seeds, and many more hair-loving herbs provides nourishment  to the scalp and cleanses the scalp and hair very well.

An excellent traditional method of cleansing hair, this cleanser will not just cleanse well, but also condition and nourish hair.


It gently cleans and moisturizes the scalp, giving the hair strength and shine.


Being soap free, i.e. non-foaming, it is ideal for sensitive & problematic scalp.



  • Hand milled herbs
  • SLS free
  • Preservative-free
  • No colors added
  • No fragrance added
  • Non-foaming
  • Soap free
  • Non messy



  • Nourishes Damaged Hair
  • Prevents Hair Fall
  • Reduces Dandruff
  • Removes Dirt from Scalp
  • Conditions the Scalp
  • Gives Hair a Healthy Glow
  • Strengthens Hair Follicles
  • How to use

    Mix sufficient amount with lukewarm water. Make a thin paste and let it absorb for 15 minutes. You can add a drop of oil if your hair is too dry.

    Apply on hair and scalp. Keep it for 10-15 minutes. Massage for 1 minute and rinse thoroughly with water. It does not lather like shampoo.

    No need to use shampoo after.

    Note: Make sure the mix doesn’t get into the eyes. If it does, rinse eyes with cold water.


  • Directions for care

    Handle the glass jar with care. Keep the jar in a cool and dry place away from moisture. Do not use wet hands in the jar.

    Keeping it moisture free will increase its shelf life.

  • Weight


  • Precaution

    Take a patch test before using and make sure of any allergies of any of the ingredients.

    Children below 12 years of age must use it under adult supervision

  • Who can use

    Suitable for all skin types

    Suitable for both men and women

    Suitable for  all age groups


  • Shelf life

    Use with in 4-5 months from the date of packing and once opened



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